Would YOU Regift A Wedding Present?

Posted on 4th September 2019

Our recent survey has revealed that:

  • 77% of us are happy to buy a wedding gift for our family members and friends.
  • Only 26% of us would spend more than £50 on our friends' wedding gift, but 52% of us would splash the cash for family members.
  • 43% of us would re-gift an item to save money.

Only 26% of us would spend over £50 on a friend's wedding gift, whilst 37% of us would spend on our partner's family, and 52% of us are happy to go over the £50 mark for a relative. In fact, we are three times as likely to spend over £200 on our family than we are on our friends!
















Whilst 77% of us are happy to get a wedding gift for our friends and family, 43% of us happily admit that we'd re-gift an item to save a bit of cash. This shouldn't come as a big surprise, especially with trends moving towards minimalism and cutting back (as shown by the popularity of the KonMari method), but that doesn't mean that we want to see the gifts we give being passed on. A great way to avoid your present being re-gifted, is to personalise it for the recipient, either with an engraving, printing, or even a custom label.









50% of us would spend days, or even weeks, searching for the perfect wedding gift! With a whole host of choices at the tips of our fingers, it is becoming more and more difficult to find not only the perfect wedding present, but also a unique one!

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