Winter Proposal Ideas

Posted on 13th November 2019

According to UK wedding planning website, BrideBook, an estimated 100,000 proposals are set to happen over the holiday period, with 40% of proposals occurring between December and February (or more specifically, December and Valentine's Day). Alongside this analysis, Bridebook predicted that the most popular day for proposals was in fact Christmas Day, closely followed by Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

With each proposal season, it can become harder and harder to plan the perfect proposal. That is why we at GiftPup have scoured the internet for our favourite holiday proposals, from public displays to private surprises.

Hide It In Plain Sight

This proposal method was truly perfected earlier this year by Edi Okoro when he posted a series of pictures of him 'proposing' to his girlfriend without her knowing for an entire month! As long as you are confident with your placement, this can be a great way to propose, keeping the ring ready and waiting until the time comes, and it can make for some brilliant pics. This can be easily made festive with a proposal bauble, or even by threading the ring around some mistletoe?

Sing It Out

If you have a particularly musical circle of friends, why not enlist their help for a bit of carolling with a twist. Their vocal accompaniments could be the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal on your doorstep. Whilst your future fiance is enamoured with the singing, you can be preparing your proposal ready for her to turn around. This is a great mix of private and public, with a small moment, surrounding by your friends in the comfort of your own home (or rather, slightly outside of it).

Written In The Snow

This one is a little more weather-dependant than the others on this list, it can also add that extra element of spontaneity that not all proposals have. Unfortunately, you have to either put a lot of trust in the weather forecast, or carry around the ring on the off-chance of a flurry. This type of proposal epitomises the winter proposal season, but if snow refuses to fall, a great alternative is to write out your proposal in frost on a window - a much more regular occurrence!

Plan A Proposal Party

The Holiday season is a time filled with parties and get-togethers, so why not gather your closest family and friends and plan a party? Whilst your future fiance thinks nothing more of a Christmas or New Years party, you can plan the party-perfect proposal, and maybe even get your guests in on the act. This is perfect if you know that they love surprises, but be careful, as those that don't may not react the way you would like and could instead feel ambushed.

Ring In The New Year

You've got the fireworks, the fizz, and the family already there and ready, so why not take this opportunity to pop the question? Of course, the perfect time to get down on one knee is as the countdown hits 1, at which point your beloved will likely turn to you for a new years kiss, only to be greeted by your proposal. The best thing about this is that it can be either public, or private, depending on the kind of couple you are, and how you choose to celebrate the new year.

Proposal On Ice

Around Christmas-time, you're nearest city will likely construct their own 'Winter Wonderland', complete with an outdoor ice rink reminiscent of New York's Rockefeller Center. This could be a great place to skate down on one knee and pop the question, you could even feign a fall to get your beloveds attention - just watch out for other skaters! This proposal method is very much dependant on your skating skill and confidence, but can be spectacular if you pull it off.

Enlightened Engagement

A simple search of the internet for 'Christmas Lights Proposal' conjures up a wide variety of incredible light displays. We particularly love this one from Jake and Jenny's brilliant proposal story from 2014. This could potentially be a tricky one to pull off, especially if the lights are on your own home, but the images are incredible. Of course, you are quite literally shouting your proposal from the rooftops, so whilst the proposal could be private, soon the entire neighbourhood will know.

Put It On The Calendar

Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendars have been rapidly growing in popularity, so why not use one as an opportunity for a surprise proposal? This Wooden Advent Calendar from Hobbycraft could be a great way to surprise your future fiancee with 24 of their favourite things before slipping their ring into door number 25. As this calendar is reusable, it can also serve as a beautiful reminder of the day you both got engaged, and could even become a part of your family's Christmas traditions.

Bake With Love

This is a great way to propose if your partner has a sweet tooth. Whether they prefer cakes or cookies, there's always a way to incorporate baked goods into your proposal, cupcakes can be topped with a ring, or you could bake some ring-shaped cookies. If you're not the best baker, you can always get some of your beloved's favourite cupcakes made professionally, or even order some custom cookies with their name on.

Candlelit Love

This classic proposal idea is a classic for a reason; it's intimate, romantic, and you can go as big or small as you would like. A candlelit dinner can easily be tailored to who you are as a couple; it could be a casual meal between the two of you at home, a fancy night out at the best restaurant in town, or anything in between. You can also arrange for her favourite foods to be served, or even learn to cook them yourself for a private moment at home.

GiftPup Suggestions

Here are some of our favourite items, perfect for celebrating your engagement:

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Personalised Money Box

What better way to start saving up for your big day than with a 'wedding day fund' money box like this one. This money box can be personalised with your names and engagement date, and is the perfect way to start your wedding saving.

Personalised Prosecco

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