What's The Etiquette For Giving A Gift To A Teacher?

Posted on 20th July 2019

Teachers do a wonderful job, so it’s natural that parents want to reward all that hard work and generosity with a generous gift of their own. Giving teacher gifts at the end of the school year is also a way to help children develop gratitude, showing them how important it is to say thank you. If you're eager to reward teacher's efforts throughout the school year, then simply read on for our ultimate guide to gifting etiquette for teachers…

Can I Choose A 'Just Because' Gift?

There's nothing wrong with giving your child’s teacher a gift at any time of the year, though it’s important to carefully consider the items you choose. A great reason to give a present is a teacher's birthday or to mark a special accomplishment.

How Do I Choose The Right Occasion?

Some parents might prefer to give gifts to the teacher simply as a quick 'thank you' for a specific event, though most wait for a special occasion during the year. Thankfully, the academic calendar leaves plenty of opportunities for gift-giving. These include:

  • End of Term – the end of a school year or term provides the ideal opportunity to say thank you for all of the support and encouragement supplied during the school year. This is also a great chance to thank a teacher for their efforts before a child moves on to the next stage of their education, such as graduating to a new class or school.
  • Christmas – a fantastic time for gift-giving, Christmas is a part of the year when generosity comes naturally to many. You’ll find lots of low cost, yet thoughtful personalised teacher gifts in the run up to the festive season – handy if you have multiple gifts to stock up on.
  • Valentine's Day – gifts for Valentine's Day needn't be romantic. The event also provides a fab opportunity to show a teacher some platonic love. Some children really adore and appreciate their teachers, so an appropriate Valentine's gift is a cute way to express this.

Don't Go Overboard

The best gifts for teachers are things they can easily transport home, share with other teachers or give pride of place in their classroom. While it's natural to want to impress, there's no need to go wild – there are lots of fantastic, affordable options for gifting which will suit your needs and dazzle the teacher. A personalised note book or coffee mug for the staff room for example is thoughtful, useful and practical.

Get The Class Involved

Why not try getting the whole class involved in buying the teacher a gift? This is a fantastic way to help the teacher feel valued, while also emphasising that the gift is not an attempt to play teacher's pet. We recommend this approach when considering larger gifts, as it also helps to spread the cost and prevents the item being seen as too ostentatious for one person to provide.

Keep Gifts Appropriate

No matter the occasion, it’s vital that gifts given by students are never too personal or inappropriate. For instance, a gag gift is often considered a bad choice, particularly for younger children. Teachers acknowledge that an adult is likely choosing the item, but nonetheless it’s wise to only select things which can be put on display in the classroom or could have also been selected by your child.

Add A Handmade Element

There's nothing more thoughtful than a handmade card or wrapping paper to accompany your teachers gift. Not only is this a lovely touch, but it also lets your child get creative and be involved in the process too. What’s more, this adds a unique element to the present which is sure to be appreciated. Why not set aside a couple of hours to get crafty, and make creating the handmade addition a fun family activity?

Check What Others Are Buying

If you're not sure what to get the teacher, consider asking other parents what they're buying. This certainly isn't a suggestion to steal their ideas, but it will help give you a better indication of the budget and style of gift which is the right fit for each teacher.

Choose Something Personalised

Opting for a personalised gift gives plenty of scope for making the present a little out of the ordinary, without drifting into the inappropriate. Personalised teacher gifts are always popular, and are often cherished by teachers for years after they're received.

Opt For Something Edible

Edible gifts are another favourite amongst teachers and students, as they are arguably the ultimate 'shareable' gift. A box of chocolates can be devoured in the staff room and provide a sense of fun.

Top Picks From GiftPup

At GiftPup, we specialise in gifts for a wide variety of occasions, including some fantastic items designed for treating hard-working teachers! Here's a few of our favourites:

  • It Takes A Big Heart Teachers Durham Mug

This mug is customisable with the teacher's name, helping to personalise a delightful gift they'll love for years to come. It is also practical, and will surely be used for a cup of tea or coffee during the school day! Durable and scratch resistant, the mug is suited to frequent use, and presents an inspiring, supportive message in bright, vivid colours.

  • Chocolate Pencil Pot Plaque

This edible treat is created in white chocolate and a milk chocolate base, complete with tasty edible pencils. It looks great, and is also distinctive and memorable. The item can be personalised with a special message via the website.

  • Best Teacher Apple Wall Art

A delightful gift which can be displayed in the classroom or taken home by the teacher, a piece of stunning wall art is sure to impress. The frame can be selected in either white or black, and the text can be customised with the teacher's name.

The GiftPup Teacher Range

Being a teacher is highly rewarding, but can also get stressful – so over-worked teachers deserve a little appreciation. If you're on the lookout for that dream gift for a great teacher, we hope this blog has provided a little inspiration – be sure to browse the full range to see many other ways of showing how much you appreciate their hard work.

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