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Posted on 25th September 2018

Do you know the traditional gifts for your milestone anniversary? Here at Giftpup, we have created a handy guide to show you which gifts are traditionally given when, and why.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper. This tradition has history that dates back to the Victorian era, and, whilst there is definite answer as to why we give paper, there are a few theories. Most of the theories circulate around the symbolism behind the paper, from paper representing a black page, to symbolising the idea of writing your future together. To celebrate this association, and your time together as a couple, we think that this Shadow Frame is a great way to modernise the tradition. Combine this frame with a selection of printed photos for the perfect, simple, first anniversary gift.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Following the paper anniversary, comes the leather anniversary after 3 years together. Much like with paper, whilst there is no single answer for the association of leather with three years, there is a lot of symbolism surrounding the material. Leather is strong yet flexible, as a marriage itself should be, it is also a durable and lasting material which is known to transform continually over the years. It can change colour and texture, and develop small imperfections, but it stays firm. A great gift to celebrate this strength is our Mr Beaumont and Elie Beaumont watches, perfect present for him or her.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The history of wood as a fifth anniversary gift date as far back as the Roman era, when oak was the wood of choice as it was a representation of strength, longevity, and stability. Whilst oak is still a solid choice, a wide range of woods are now used in the production of anniversary gifts. Our collection of fifth wedding anniversary gifts use a wide range of woods, from our Pine Wine Boxes, to our Cheeseboards made of sustainably sourced Hevea wood, but if you're looking for something more in-keeping with the tradition, we also offer a selection of Oak gifts, such as our Solid Oak Trinket Dish.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The tenth (or rather, tinth) wedding anniversary is is traditionally associated with tin. Again, this dates back to the Victorian era, due to the availability of different metals, and the symbolism of the tin itself. Tin is seen as an example of durability and flexibility, and, due to its use when protecting other metals, it is also representative of protection. Whilst we offer a large selection of hand selected gifts for a tenth anniversary celebration, we particularly like the idea of highlighting the theme of protection and safety with this Flash Light in it's own presentation tin. Both the torch, and the tin can be personalised for the perfect gift.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Whilst not as common as other anniversary milestones, the traditional gift for a fifteenth wedding anniversary is crystal. The history of this tradition isn't as well rooted as others are, but the symbolism of crystal with marriage is still beautiful. Crystal is dazzling and beautiful, like the love that the gift represents, but it is also fragile, serving as a reminder that a marriage requires nurturing to keep it secure. The perfect way to celebrate this milestone, whilst also appreciating each other and the commitment you share, is with our gorgeous Personalised Crystal Champagne Flutes, helping you raise a glass to the next 15 years.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A symbol of elegance and beauty, china is the traditional gift that represents a twentieth wedding anniversary. Much like it's earlier counterpart, China is also a symbol of the fragility of marriage and the importance of care within a relationship. More recently, platinum has also become associated with the celebration of 20 years, symbolising strength and endurance in marriage. Whilst we offer a wide collection of hand chosen 20th wedding anniversary gifts, we have a particular soft spot for our Pot Belly China Teapot. With a 6 cup capacity, it is perfect for supplying any family gathering with a stereotypically British cup of tea.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Historically, silver has always been a high-value metal, so it is no surprise that it is traditionally associated with the celebration of a 25th wedding anniversary. Unlike tin, silver tarnishes easily so, as with marriage, it requires care and upkeep to maintain. However, when well cared for and cherished, it is a beautiful mix of strength and delicateness. The perfect gift to symbol this duality of both silver, and of marriage, is our beautifully delicate Sterling Silver Heart Locket. This timeless piece can be diamond-engraved with your loved ones name, or even with the date of your wedding.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

As with many of the symbols on this list, the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is a symbol of the care that goes in to a long-lasting marriage, and the patience and love that is required to make one work. Pearls are an incredibly sensitive gem that can be easily irritated by outside forces such as makeup and perfume, and they need to be taken care of well to maintain their beauty. Our gorgeous Freshwater Pearl Bracelet is the perfect pearl gift, with a dainty heart-shaped charm personalised with the name of your partner. This bracelet is carefully presented in a delicate organza bag with a silk tied gift box.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Rubies have historically represented romance, passion, and love, and what better way to celebrate 40 years of this love than with this beautiful gem. Rubies were also believed to be able to give youth and vitality when rubbed onto the skin, a beautiful reminder of the time that the two of you have been together, and the years that you have enjoyed as a married couple. Our Ruby Rose perfectly combines the symbolism of a ruby, with the everlasting strength of a 40 year marriage, and is guaranteed to bring you joy for the many more years that you will spend together.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Throughout the world, gold is used to represent the celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary. Much of this representation is based on the way in which gold works as a metal, and the precious nature of it. It is resistant to both heat and chemicals, whilst also being soft and malleable. This is the perfect representation of marriage, being both strong and resistant, and also being soft and flexible to the needs of one another. An excellent symbol of this is our Personalised Gold Lock, the perfect example of strength and love, mixed with a representation of safety and security.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A 60 year marriage is an incredible achievement, and a true testament of a couple's love and devotion to one another. The symbol that traditionally represents this impressive milestone is a diamond, the perfect symbol of lasting resilience and beauty. A diamond is famously difficult to destroy, and is formed over many years, much like the marriage that it is representing. Our top pick for a sixtieth wedding anniversary gift is our 60th Anniversary Champagne Bucket. This beautifully engraved champagne bucket is the perfect way to celebrate sixty years in style, and can be personalised for a symbol as everlasting as your marriage.

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