1st Anniversary Ideas and Gifts

Posted on 2nd October 2019

The first year of marriage can be so exciting, you're still getting used to having a husband or wife, maybe you're still writing your old name every so often, you may even have some wedding presents that you haven't taken out of their packages! So, it's only natural that you want to make this first anniversary incredible, after all, this sets the bar for all future anniversaries.

Here at GiftPup, we have compiled a list of great anniversary activities that are sure to set the bar high and make your anniversary incredible!

Eat The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake

The top layer of the wedding cake is typically saved either for the christening of your first child, or for your first anniversary. But, if the idea of a year old cake doesn't quite appeal to you, why not ask the bakery that you originally hired to recreate the top layer for you. After all, what better way to celebrate a year of wedded bliss than with a slice of cake?

Return To The Place That You Got Engaged

Whether you got engaged at a restaurant, on a picnic, on a romantic day trip, or anywhere else, it's an important place in your love story, so why not revisit it? If you got engaged whilst on holiday, then why not go somewhere that reminds you of it, like a Greek restaurant for a holiday to Greece or try to learn some Spanish dancing (like the paso doble or bolero) for a trip to Spain.

Relive Your First Date

Alternatively, why not remind the clocks even further by reliving your first date (without the awkwardness). Maybe it's a coffee after work, or maybe dinner and a movie, whatever the date, take the opportunity to reflect on how far the two of you have come since that fateful first meeting. If you've moved or the place has closed, you can always recreate the moment and make some new first date memories.

Go Through Your Wedding Album

Your first anniversary is the perfect time to dust off your wedding album, or break out the wedding video. Settle in together with some wine (or maybe even some bubbly) and some nibbles and replay the best day of your lives together. This is also a great time to remember some of the best moments of the day, from the 'I Do' to the embarrassing dance moves.

Get Away Together

The key to the best first anniversary is that you spend the time together, and what better way to celebrate than by treating yourselves to a long weekend or a trip away for the day? Leave the stresses of work and home life behind, divert your emails and phone calls for the day and devote some time to being alone together without the everyday distractions that could with everyday life.

Top Gifts


Flute and Fizz

What's a celebration without popping the cork on some champagne? Our 1st Anniversary Champagne Flute is made from stunning Blenheim Lead Crystal with a diamond cut heart detail and space for engraving a short message of love. It also comes complete with a 20cl bottle of prosecco - the perfect amount for the two of you to toast with.

Photo Cube

Commemorate your first anniversary with this beautiful 1st Anniversary Photo Cube. Print a selection of your favourite photos of the two of you in your first year of marriage and frame them in this brilliant cube which can also double as a great keepsake box. Each photo cube can be engraved on the top with your names, your wedding date (or anniversary date) and the occasion - or any other message you'd like.

Sweet Tree

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our sumptuous sweet trees, such as this decadent Malteser Heart and White Chocolate Daisies tree. This tree features a delicious toffee crisp core surrounded by Maltesers and white chocolate button daisies, all held in a personalised glass. A sweet tree is also a great option for sharing, whether it is just between the two of you, or as part of a big anniversary celebration.

Photo Collage Notebook

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and what better way to celebrate than with this 80 page notebook with a cover made up of your favourite photos together? Whether you use it for jotting down shopping lists, quick messages, or for planning your next adventure together, give a gift that's both practical and personal.


Last but not least, what is a paper anniversary without the perfect anniversary card? This 1st I Do Card perfectly commemorates the year that the two of you have shared as a married couple, and also looks brilliant framed after the day as a constant reminder of the love that you have with one another.

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