We offer one of the best affiliate programmes in the gifts industry. 90 day cookies and bespoke plans for our best sellers, get in touch to find out more!

GiftPup works with a wide range of suppliers. Some of our products are supplied by large ceramic manufacturers who can handle the volume at peak trading periods. But also some of our niche suppliers work from home or have small businesses. As well as the clever online proofing, the Giftpup software sends these suppliers orders and customer's artwork around the clock.  This streamlines the process and keeps costs low for our customers. It also means that both small and large suppliers can benefit from GiftPup's growth and success. 

Since launch much of Richard's time is spent sourcing new products and meeting new suppliers. If you have any thoughts on how we can improve our site or if you are interested in designing gifts or supplying Giftpup, he would really like to hear from you. Please email Richard directly at  

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